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Welcome to Macomb Dental Center.

About Us

Here is a brief summary of everything you need to know to be ready for your first visit to Macomb Dental Center.

Initial Consultation

Your first step is to call our office and set up an appointment. Our team will ask a variety of questions, including if you’re having any immediate concerns, pain, or sensitivity with your teeth, to determine if a problem focused exam or a comprehensive exam will best fit your needs.

Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive exam is the most common for new patients and is performed to study the state of your dental health and hygiene. One of our hygienists will begin your appointment by reviewing your medical and dental health history with you. The hygienist will then take a complete set of x-rays and use our state of the art diagnostic tools to check the health of your teeth and gums. After all of the information has been gathered by the hygienist, Doctor Canter will examine your gums, teeth, and mouth.

Doctor Canter will generally look for any decay and redness around the gums and teeth during the examination, and explain any treatment needs to you accordingly. Even though he will have already studied your medical and dental history from the forms you filled out, you may still be asked questions about your teeth while examining them. This is common if Doctor Canter sees anything unusual or something which was not mentioned in the forms.