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Invisalign: an Alternative Teeth Alignment Treatment

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a treatment that allows you to have straight teeth without the look of metal braces. It resembles a clear plastic retainer and works effectively, almost like invisible braces.  You can easily take it off when you want to eat, brush, or floss. Invisalign provides visible results in just six weeks. However, the duration of treatment can vary depending on how much work your teeth need. The best part is that you can remove it anytime you want.  After assessing the structure and shape of your teeth, our dentist will tell you exactly how long you must wear them every day.

How Does It Work?
Invisalign is a treatment that involves a series of plastic shells that are clear and transparent and customized to tightly fit around your teeth.

Once you have decided to get Invisalign, our dentist will take an impression of your teeth, which will replicate the structure of your teeth. Next, our dentist will discuss with you a customized treatment plan. The treatment plan will be designed to cater your needs and you will also be able to see the exact result it will have on your teeth by observing the 3-D plaster model of your teeth structure. Once you approve the treatment plan, our dentist will provide you with a series of invisible aligners. Our staff will place the first aligner on your teeth and instruct you on how you should proceed.

You will have to most likely change your aligners every few weeks to ensures that, by the end of your treatment plan, you achieve a perfectly straight and healthy smile.

To get more details on this procedure, call Macomb Dental Center. Our dentist will guide you and inform you about everything you need to know about Invisalign and the entire treatment procedure that comes along with it. 

Facts About Invisalign

Simple and Complex Cases

Invisalign can be used for both simple and complex cases. If your teeth are really crooked, invisalign can easily straighten them because it is highly customized and will fit your teeth great.  


Invisalign is a perfect alternative to braces if you are always on the move. It enables you to stick to your busy schedule as it requires visits only every four to six weeks to our dentist.

Nearly Invisible

Invisalign is clear, transparent, and hardly noticeable.  So, while using Invisalign, you can stick to your treatment, as well as look great throughout the day.  

Quick Results

While braces typically take 2 years to adjust your smile, invisalign usually takes 6-18 months depending on the patient’s teeth structure. If you choose to get invisalign, you can have the option to remove it when needed unlike metal braces.


Invisalign is also better for your oral health maintenance.  This is because it allows you to easily brush and floss every angle of your teeth after taking your invisalign off.  

No Metal Brackets or Wires

Invisalign will make your life easier by eliminating the need to be worried about broken wires or brackets. You will not have any wires or brackets attached in the first place.  Invisalign is like a clear and transparent plastic retainer that perfectly fits your teeth.

All of these factors make invisalign a great option for you if you are struggling with misaligned teeth providing you with a great and healthy smile.

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